Crown of Thorns 24"

$ 209.99


The Crown of Thorns is a reminder of the sacrifice Jesus made for his people. It is a symbol of the curse and penalty of sin that Jesus Christ wore in our place. This authentic Crown of Thorns was made in the Holy Land of Israel from local thorn bushes that grow in the region of old Jerusalem. This one-piece crown serves as an amazing reminder of the wonders of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, the promises He made, and His eventful sacrifice for us.

At 24", the large size of this cross makes it ideal for display in churches, schools and auditoriums. You can combine it with a purple cloth to create a humbling reminder of Christ's love for his people. It is perfect for Passion Week or Lent displays.

Because this is a natural product, crowns will vary slightly from the one pictured and sizes are approximate. The Crown of Thorns will come in a cardboard box with certificate of authenticity.

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